Laura Schiff is a published journalist, screenwriter, and poet .    
Her first novel, Bury Me in Kisses, took twelve years to complete, and was initially begun while she was temping in the basement of a Los Angeles-area hospital.  

"There were dead bodies coming and going from the morgue all day long," she says, "and I heard a lot of gruesome stories.  It just naturally captured my imagination." 

Laura was also profoundly inspired by  legends regarding a famous ancestor who lived in Prague during the Middle Ages, the  Kabbalistic scholar and mystic, Rabbi Jehuda Low. Well-known tales The Sorcerer's
Apprentice and
Frankenstein were both based upon the mythologized life of this famous 15th century wizard.  Historians at the YIVO Institute in New York City have traced Laura Schiff's ancestry, through this family line, back to King David of the Bible, and, some say, possibly all the way back to King Solomon himself.
"This fascinated me," says the author.  "When I first read the work of Carl Jung's disciple, Marie-Louise Von Franz, regarding the deathbed confession of Saint Thomas of Aquinas, and realized the full connection to King Solomon's Song of Songs, I knew I was onto something huge.  I really feel like I was destined to write this book and, in some way, carry on my family's mystical legacy."

Indeed, John T. Martin, the High Voodoo Priest of New Orleans and proprietor of The Voodoo Museum, once revealed to Laura in a Tarot card reading that she is "a great and powerful witch, who comes from an ancient and unbroken blood line."       

Laura's work has been published in Seventeen, Entertainment Weekly, People, Psychology Today, and many other popular magazines.  In the 1990s, she was the west coast bureau chief of the popular sci-fi/horror fan 'zine  Femme Fatales and wrote a regular column for Creative Screenwriting.  

In 2008, Laura was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a disease of the nervous system.  Though it often interferes with her ability to write, it has also increased her sensitivity to electromagnetic energy frequencies of all kinds, including those of the human biofield.  Laura currently resides in Colorado, where she continues to study and write about metaphysics, the electromagnetic biofield, and cutting-edge research on health and healing.   here to add text.